Philipp Weigl

Philipp Weigl is a classically trained pianist and composer based in his hometown of Munich, Germany. A fantastically gifted talent, his cinematic scores have been used in several videos and projects and we hope his work gains more attention on our shores. Go to his website for more information and we encourage you to purchase his music. 

The Scent of Cedars

Like Starlight Through a Veil

Not The Streets You Used To Walk Along

Full Of Stars

Julie Maxwell, Fish In The Pond

Nuno Adelaida, Children - Our Life



Jody Glenham, "Ill Wind." Jody is an incredibly gifted musician/songwriter based in Vancouver. Initially drawing comparisons to 90s band Mazzy Star and the more contemporary Sharon Van Etten, Jody and her band, The Dreamers, have made a mark in Canada. She has played showcases for SXSW in Austin TX, CMW and NXNE in Toronto, Ont and was featured as a 'Women to Watch' by CBC Radio. You can purchase her music on iTunesSpotify, and Bandcamp. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter

Lee Rosevere, Morning Walk 

Lee Rosevere, Midnight Sun 

Lee Rosevere, Astral 

Lee Rosevere, Timeless 

Lee Rosevere, The Nightmare 

Lee Rosevere, Places Unseen 

Chris Zabriskie, The Theatrical Poster for Poltergeist III 

Chris Zabriskie, Undercover Vampire Policeman 

Ars Sonor, Milking The Spider Queen 

Ars Sonor, Awakening 

Yoshimasu Kamiya, Interlude [Limbo] 

Patrick Lieberkind, Surreal Horror Ambience 

Headphaze, Horror Ambience Atmosphere 

Inspector J, Horror Violin Tremolo Cluster

Fatal Injection, Phase Two 

FilmFX, Scary Violin 


Elsa, In Two. This incredible Toronto quintet's highly infectious dream pop has been written about in Pitchfork and Noisey and we're thrilled to showcase them on The Big Loop. We encourgage you to purchase music directly from their site and follow them on Facebook and Twitter

Kai Engel, Somnolence 

Lee Rosevere, The Ambient Ukulele 

Chris Zabriskie, Cylinder Seven 

Chris Zabriskie, Land On The Golden Gate 

Crimson Curtain, Vanishing 

Chris Zabriskie, Brethren, Arise 

Chris Zabriskie, The Dark Glow Of The Mountains 

Kai Engel, Imminence 

Midroll music is Places Unseen by Lee Rosevere 


Tjuv, The RiverTjuv is an incredible band from Sweden who were the first musicians picked for The Big Loop. Presently, The River is a single. Their first eponymous EP is  available here. This album is constantly playing at our recording studio and has provided the soundtrack to our production of season one. If you like what you hear, please support them by purchasing their album. We can't wait for their first full-length album! 

Lee Rosevere. "Soft Euphoria" "The Arrival" "Gilding the Lily" "Places Unseen"

Chris Zabriskie. "Cylinder Two" "The House Glows With Almost No Help" "Brethren Arise

Kai Engel. "April


Lee Rosevere, "Planet B" from the album Trappist-1. Lee is widely known in Vancouver, BC as a producer on CBC Radio. But his work as a musician is where he makes his mark for us. We have featured his music in every episode of The Big Loop so far, including an original score for “FML." If you are a podcaster, he has a series of “Music For Podcasts” entirely free to use. You can find all his music here including the original score to this episode of The Big Loop.

Erokia, Ambient Wave 20

Vemseplutten1709, Galactic Message


Lee Rosevere is widely known in Vancouver, BC as a producer on CBC Radio. But his work as a musician is where he makes his mark for us. We used his songs in our first episode, “The Studio,” and for this episode, Lee composed the entire score specifically for The Big Loop! If you are a podcaster, he has a series of “Music For Podcasts” entirely free to use. You can find all his music hereincluding the original score to this episode of The Big Loop. 

The Proctors is an incredible band from the US whose reputation travels internationally. When we heard “Signs of Life,” we fell under its spell and reached out immediately to the band who are as generous as they are gifted. Please visit their Facebook page or go here and purchase their albums and try to catch them live if you can! They are amazing! 


HUSH FOREVER, "Life Is A Black Curtain." Their new album "Find The Gap" is available now. It’s awesome! We are so grateful for his generous donation of the haunting closing song. More on that story and his beautiful music in our Patreon page (for patrons). Follow them and their tour schedule on Facebook. 

LEE ROSEVERE, "Night Caves," "In A Moment," and "Places Unseen." Lee has been making music for years in my hometown of Vancouver and he's incredibly generous with his talents. Visit his website and enjoy. 

CHRIS ZABRISKIE, “Stories About the World That Once Was," “Cylinder Four," and “Cylinder Seven." His album "Music From Neptune Flux" is available now. 

KAI ENGEL, "Denouement." His latest album, "The Run," is available now. 

THE PANGOLINS, "Beneath Dark Clouds." 

AMBIENTEER, "Ecclessia." 

ARS SONAR, "Gash Park." 

EROIKA, "Horror Drone."