HUSH FOREVER, "Life Is A Black Curtain." Their new album "Find The Gap" is available now. It’s awesome! We are so grateful for his generous donation of the haunting closing song. More on that story and his beautiful music in our Patreon page (for patrons). Follow them and their tour schedule on Facebook. 

LEE ROSEVERE, "Night Caves," "In A Moment," and "Places Unseen." Lee has been making music for years in my hometown of Vancouver and he's incredibly generous with his talents. Visit his website and enjoy. 

CHRIS ZABRISKIE, “Stories About the World That Once Was," “Cylinder Four," and “Cylinder Seven." His album "Music From Neptune Flux" is available now. 

KAI ENGEL, "Denouement." His latest album, "The Run," is available now. 

THE PANGOLINS, "Beneath Dark Clouds." 

AMBIENTEER, "Ecclessia." 

ARS SONAR, "Gash Park." 

EROIKA, "Horror Drone."