THE BIG LOOP is an anthology series by Paul Bae. As the co-creator and co-producer of the massively popular podcast series, The Black Tapes, Paul wanted his next series to focus on more intimate stories while pushing the limits of the audio drama form. The Big Loop spans the genres of horror, science fiction, and dark comedy with self-contained, character-driven stories. Replete with mind-bending plot twists and unpredictable reveals, the series tagline, “Stories of finite beings in an infinite universe,” serves to bring the focus on characters confronted with the familiar and fantastic exigencies of human experience.

Inspired by the documentary style single-person narratives of Love + Radio and This American Life, our host (played by Paul Bae) is our near-invisible guide into and out of these stories of loneliness, depression, family, identity, and death. And, yes, sometimes, joy. 



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STEVE JIN, Audio Engineer

Steve has know Paul since the fourth grade and is one of his closest friends. With a background in visual and audio editing, Steve is also the co-founder of Sixofour Life—the boutique watch company founded in Vancouver, BC. 

PAUL BAE, Executive Producer, Writer

A former evangelical youth pastor and high school English teacher, Paul created The Black Tapes with his friend Terry Miles. He has since quit public education and moved on to telling audio stories full time.



The Big Loop is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and most major podcast platforms. 


The Big Loop releases every two weeks during the six-episode season. The launch of season two is TBA. 



Like Black Mirror, The Big Loop is an anthology series; each episode is self-contained so you can hop around. And like Black Mirror, the episodes will keep your mind churning long after they're over.” - Mashable

Having listened to Tanis and The Black Tapes, I was expecting one thing, and was completely blown away with what this episode turned out to be. It was well narrated, it was poignant, and by the end I was so invested in the story that I sat in the driveway to finish it. It felt familiar throughout, like I had heard the story before, knew the way things were going to turn out. It felt strangely comfortable, yet distant, and by the end, my heart hurt for these fictional characters as if they were personal friends.” - Calen Cross, Bello Collective “100 Outstanding Pieces of Audio For 2017

The Big Loop is another new audio drama for this year, and while its tone is drastically different from the others on this list, it still feels like such a product of 2017. The Big Loop is essentially an auditory Black Mirror, though the pacing of each episode is much more casual, as is the tone. The show is one part science fiction, one part magical realism, one part what might be horror but what might also just be philosophy. The writing of each episode is so subtle and delicate, and the acting has yet to disappoint even a little.” - Wil Williams, “2017’s Best In Podcasts: Audio Drama”

“The reason I love this show is because it's hard to explain — it's bizarre, surreal, scary, and heartfelt. Paul Bae's fiction podcast will have you looking over your shoulder one minute and crying on your shoulder the next.” - The LAist, “The 9 Best Podcasts of 2018 That We Can’t Stop Talking About

There are a lot of sci-fi audio dramas out there, but ‘The Big Loop’ will have you hiding under your covers while crying at the same time. The show, created by Paul Bae, is an anthology series about the strange, harrowing and beautiful experiences that are hard to explain.” - James Kim, SCPR

Every single episode is a work of art: writing, acting, sound design, production, music—all of it. Listen to this show.” - Elena Fernandez-Collins (reviewer for Bello Collective in Apple Podcasts)

 “I don't want to overwhelm you, so these three shows are professionally produced, newbie-friendly places to begin your deep dive into audio drama: Limetown; Welcome To Night Vale; The Big Loop. - Forbes, “Let 2018 Be The Year You Discover Audio Drama