Adrian Underhill is a brilliant Canadian songwriter/musician based out of Toronto and Vancouver. He’s been playing guitar and singing most of his young life (Paul Bae should know—he taught him in high school) and we’re grateful to him and his label for letting us use his wonderful song Cruel for this episode. Please check out his other songs and purchase his music. Follow him on Twitter.

Lee Rosevere, Wasn’t What I Was Expecting (This is the original theme music composed for the Big Loop’s FML episode by Lee Rosevere.)

TRG Banks, Swan Ride

Aaron Mist, Burning Forest

David Holowitz, Whimsical Theme #2

Lee Rosevere, A List Of Ways To Die

Keosz, Arrival

Keosz, Paragon

Paul Bae, “Jack’s Home Defense”

TRG Banks, Garden Party

Lee Rosevere, Places Unseen (midroll)