Portrayal is a guitar/electronic duo from Shrewsbury, UK. Rob Tranter and Joe Crook have been friends for years but didn't actually start recording music together until recently when the two bands they were in came to an end, and they set out with the intention of writing an album as a duo. They mix up rock and electronica with hints of other styles such as shoegaze and post punk, whilst keeping a focus on melody and structure. Their debut album To the Black Sea is out now on iTunes and Bandcamp. The marvellous song featured in "Wide Awake" is Lost Souls. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook

Daniel Birch composes cinematic landscapes for the ear and provides the gorgeous dystopian soundtrack to "Wide Awake." If you would like to use his music, it's licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International. But we encourage you to support him by purchasing his music. He does great things with bespoke compositions for very reasonable rates so contact him with inquiries at danielbirch.music@gmail.com. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook

Daniel Birch's tracks:

Low Force

Forgotten Landscape

So Far Away

Slowly Drift Away

Say It Again I'm Listening

You're Not Forgiven

Reversed Crunch

One Man

Set Adrift

Burnt To A Crisp

Lee Rosevere, Places Unseen (midroll)