Lee Shorten (“Jack”) returns to The Big Loop to reprise his role as “Jack” from FML. Lee grew up in Tamworth, Australia, where he was raised by his adoptive parents Merv and Judy Shorten. Lee graduated from Law School (University of Newcastle) in 2009 and worked as lawyer for several years before he decided to pursue a career as an actor.

With several stints in the hit TV show SUPERNATURAL, Lee is most well known for his work as Sergeant Yoshida in THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE. His semi-autobiographical short film The Day We Met is an official selection for Telus’ annual Storyhive event.


Kristen DiMercurio (“Diane”) is a full time voice actress with a soft spot for audio dramas. She's best known for playing Dr. Sally Grissom in Ars Paradoxica, and more recently can be heard as Christine in Archive 81. She also makes appearances (big and small) in a number of other shows, including The Far Meridian, Studio 360, Station to Station, In Greater Boston, What's the FrequencyKakos Industries, and even Wolf 359. When not nerding out about podcasts, Kristen does her best to be onstage. Her most recent musicals include Fun Home at Portland Center Stage and The Gunfighter Meets His Match with the New York Musical Festival. website: twitter: @kdimerc